[Nottingham] Paypal Website Payments Pro and PHP

Richard Hayes ricky at domainarena.net
Mon May 14 14:31:15 BST 2007

Hello fellas.

> Frankly it would scare me more to think I was feeding my card details into 
> a PHP form knocked up by a bedroom hacker on a shared hosting box than it 
> would to just let pay pal have it.

I've evidently done a bad job of explaining what I mean!

PayPal provide a pay service, where, after signing up for it, you speak 
HTTPs to them on a special URL to do background credit/debit card 
authorisation -- I'm not doing anything remotely against the Terms and 
Conditions of PayPal!

This service is called Website Payments Pro UK -- They provide an API but I 
just don't understand it.

The link that Josh sent earlier is to implement Website Payments Standard, 
which basically makes a form which posts to PayPal and then takes you back 
to your thanks/success/error page after the transaction. That's easy and, 
according to her, people don't like it.

So it brings me back to WPP UK...


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