[Nottingham] Hotmail Printing in Firefox

Simon Osborne flibble at gmail.com
Thu May 31 21:10:00 BST 2007

On 31/05/07, Jason Cozens <jason.cozens at computer.org> wrote:
> > Only for Windows though, sadly. If only somebody could get it to work
> > with Wine...
> I've just found this out too!
> I've been going through the bug database for firefox and similar
> problems have occurred several times. It's normally to do with bad
> markup and styling that because of bugs in IE it works ok in IE!
> I'm not sure whether my problem is because of hotmail or because of the
> html message I'm trying to print. It's a ticket from bmi baby so I need
> it all. I have a copy printed out elsewhere but it would be nice to
> resolve issues like this.
> I tried using epiphany but I guess because this is based on mozilla I
> had the same problem.
> Jason.

Well, it pains me to say this but.. give IE for Linux a try?



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