[Nottingham] Any Linux courses in nottingham?

gadget.pat gadget.pat at ntlworld.com
Thu Nov 8 15:19:20 GMT 2007

Hi all,

Just a quick query. Does anyone know of Linux courses at any colleges 
etc in nottingham? I have done the web search route but I haven't found 
a college type course you can drop into if any.

I am the type that learns alot quicker when I SEE how things are done 
and retain the info more easier that way. I have numerous books but I 
have never been one to retain the info from books as many other people do.

What I am looking for ideally is a course that is reasonably informal, 
reasonably flexible hours and not a huge amount in costs although not 
expecting it to be free.

Another option would be an online course and I did find a course held on 
a virtual machine by someone online but I lost the link to that a while 

I am getting a bit frustrated at how slow my progress is on just the 
basic things and feel I need another route than the haphazard route I've 
taken so far. Example? (Apache, MySQL and ProFTPd) - I have managed to 
install all 3 bits of SW but I now have a limited idea of getting them 
to work together. I am starting on learning to use the Apache SW (again) 
but I think I need to get a bit of formal knowledge to help me progress 
a bit quicker.

Thanks in advance


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