[Nottingham] Adding Intel module to Knoppix

Edward rennackered at netscape.net
Tue Nov 13 07:04:34 GMT 2007

Hello and good day.
I have bought some new Dell desktops (755) that come with some new 
chipsets. As I use Knoppix for my repair/recovery disk, I need to add 
some modules so that it recognises the Sata drives and giga-nic. Intel 
makes it easy with a Linux driver (e1000) for the nic, but I am stuck 
figuring out the ICH9 Sata driver. This shouldn't be that hard, but me 
head is fuzzy. Knoppix runs the 2.6.19 kernel.
Anyone familiar with this hardware? When I boot knoppix and run lspci I 
get a long list of: 'Intel - unknown device', but it does boot and run 
fine, just can't see the nic or sata drive.

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