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I could use that computer for my No. 2 son, as an attempt to stop the arguments with No. 1 son about who needs the computer. As long as it's capable of running Ubuntu and plugging into switch box it would do fine for what he does (not a gamer). Just let me know and I'll come and take it off your hands.



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I have to clear a large quantity of 'stuff' from my house, and amongst it all 
is a desktop computer. The machine was bought back in 1999 from Tiny 
Computers, but has been upgraded since then with a slightly faster mainboard 
and the addition of a removable hard disk bay and a writeable CD drive.
For the last couple of years it has been my firewall and test system, but now 
that I have recently installed a wireless router/firewall it is redundant.

Admittedly it is nowhere near the latest spec, and has a 13 inch monitor, but 
does anyone want to make me an offer before I throw it on the tip next 

I have tried contacting the computer recycling place but no one ever answers 
my calls.


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