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Richard Rothwell richardr at m6-it.org
Sun Nov 18 13:16:58 GMT 2007

Hi All,

We're working in Nottingham using Linux PCs for socially excluded families - 
year 7's found through 4 schools.  Funding is coming from the Regeneration 
budget.  We are using (yuk) Virgin to provide Internet access this year, but 
working on a community wireless solution for future years.

Anyway,  a friend of mine in Manchester has been working on a scheme, 
providing local support for computers.  His plan was something like...

* £175 for a computer - recycled with a Linux os.  
* This includes 3 x 1 hour support vouchers to be used in the first year.
* Customers can buy more vouchers should they need them in that year or the 

I've mailed a copy of the discussion to him for his interest, so he might get 
involved in the discussion.


PS - if anyone has spare computers, or knows somewhere that needs clearing in 
Notts or the area please let me know as we are still looking for a load of 
older PCs - 500MHz plus.

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