[Nottingham] Trouble with Feisty Fawn - can anyone help?

Bob Marshall mbob71 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 28 19:37:57 GMT 2007

I have a 2-disk, dual boot system, Feisty Fawn/XP.

When I switched on my computer this evening, I couldn't boot into Linux, and got a message saying something like:

fsck died with exit status 4

There was something about running fsck manually but this didn't seem to work at all.  

The Hard Disk is available, because I rescued my personal files from it using a live distro of Gutsy Gibbon.

If anyone can offer me any advice, I would be eternally grateful - it's a pain not having Linux on my PC!  Or do I need to reinstall from scratch - not my favourite job, but I have done it before?

Thanks in advance,

mbob 71.

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