[Nottingham] RE: Pro Licenses and Mesh Networking

godfrey godfrey at gnnix.co.uk
Wed Oct 3 00:18:15 BST 2007

On Tuesday 02 October 2007 10:37 pm, Martin wrote:
> asif maqbool wrote:
> > Worse than failure springs to mind....
> Just as Godfrey has already checked, this turned out to be all an
> innocent mistake and of no consequence.

I think you mean Graeme, not me ?  I have been off with a nasty bug for the 
last couple of days and done hardly anything. I would hate to get credit for 
what someone else did. Of course, if I did something (good/bad) and am too 
ill to remember, perhaps someone would enlighten me?


remember Godfrey != Graeme

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