[Nottingham] WIFI Hardware

Edward rennackered at netscape.net
Wed Oct 10 00:42:08 BST 2007

Danny King wrote:
> Hi guys,
> This is not really a Linux issue, but since the list has been quiet in
> the last few days I hope this post will be all right.
> I bought a second hand Netgear WIFI access point which was working
> perfectly for about a month or so. I then went on holiday (leaving the
> a.p. unplugged) only to find it not working when I got back. Running a
> nmap network scan does not show the adapter to have joined the
> network, although the LED 'network activity' indicator lights up. I
> have a router with DHCP set up, so that should be automatic.
> I've also tried taking the access point to a friend's house and I had
> the same issues.
> Any ideas on what the problem may be? I was thinking perhaps the
> antenna is broken?
> I apologise if this is too far off topic, thanks in advance!
Network light shows physical connection so my guess is it changed itself 
on start-up from some setting back to a default like ad-hoc to 
infrastructure mode.
If the antenna has malfunctioned wouldn't the lan side still be 
connected? You will need to look at the setup. Netgear uses some 
different default ip addy like or

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