[Nottingham] Bouquet

Edward rennackered at netscape.net
Fri Oct 12 07:19:32 BST 2007

Michael Leuty wrote:
> As it's quiet, please may I express my quiet satisfaction with The
> Computer Shop on Hartley Road in Radford?
> I went there this afternoon to buy a PCI wireless card that would work
> under Linux. They sold me a model with a Broadcom chip for a very
> reasonable price. After a few magical incantations detailed on
> http://en.opensuse.org/HCL/Network_Adapters_%28Wireless%29 the card is
> running perfectly.
> Thanks.
> Mike
You use SuSe? cool
Do these people troubleshoot O/S problems?
I still haven't re-installed my opensuse 10.2 as I am holding out hope I 
can get an expert to look at it (even paid help will work for me) and 
thereby I will learn.
B.Sc, Net+, MCP and still clueless

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