[Nottingham] Bouquet (Mike)

James Moore james at the-computer-shop.co.uk
Fri Oct 12 13:39:44 BST 2007

>As it's quiet, please may I express my quiet satisfaction with The
>Computer Shop on Hartley Road in Radford?

Why, thank you sir. :)

>I went there this afternoon to buy a PCI wireless card that would work
>under Linux. They sold me a model with a Broadcom chip for a very
>reasonable price. After a few magical incantations detailed on
>http://en.opensuse.org/HCL/Network_Adapters_%28Wireless%29 the card is
>running perfectly.

Good to know. FYI, we'll be stocking a few of these, given previous knowledge of the chipsets working under Linux with no issues to speak of, and this high recommendation is the icing on the cake.

While I'm here...

For OpenSuSE 10.2, if it's anything like 9.2 Pro (what I use), then booting from the DVD and selecting the repair option should in 99% of cases, barring hardware failure, restore the current installation to a state of usable functionality. As always, my advice is to first back up your user data to an external drive and disconnect that while installing should you need to go that way round. Should you need to, you're welcome to drop it in and we'll give the system a once over and see if we can get a spark from it. If you have a 10.2 DVD that'd be handy as well, as my Linux archive sits in a large box at home (and on a 400GB external drive)


Jim (biker and hardware genius)

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