[Nottingham] FLASH vs HDD

Roger Light roger at atchoo.org
Wed Oct 31 14:28:08 GMT 2007

On Wed, Oct 31, 2007 at 01:03:04PM +0000, Camilo Mesias wrote:

> It's a feature in Vista, isn't it? I bet someone has tried it in
> Linux. It wouldn't be that hard to find a directory with up to 4Gb of
> non changing files in it, copy it all across to a USB drive, then
> remount the drive over the top of the original files. Benchmarking it
> and turning it into something that works from boot and survives the
> USB stick being disconnected gracefully would be more of a challenge.

Michael already did this way back when we had lug talks in the church in
Beeston. He used a compact flash card with an cf/ide adaptor, meaning it
can boot with no problems. I've been wondering about doing the same
myself for a while - my root partition uses 3.4G total excluding /var.


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