[Nottingham] Tape Backup Systems

Richard Bagshaw richard at bagshaw.co.uk
Fri Apr 11 08:53:57 BST 2008


I've been playing around with various backup solutions over the past few
weeks and wondered if anyone had any suggestions on decent hardware and
software - all I am looking todo is install a tape drive into a centos
server and then have that do one full backup each week and the rest for that
week being diffs, i've played around with mt and thought about writing just
a bunch of bash scripts and set them as cron's etc, is this the best way
todo this? or is there other software like "amanda" that is much more
beneficial ?

Also in terms of hardware, I have been looking at SCSI LTO drives of various
brands, is there anything I should look out for when choosing hardware?
obviously the more opensource happy the hardware is the better, one such
device I looked at was a freecom (




Richard Bagshaw
richard at bagshaw.co.uk
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