[Nottingham] Asus Eee PC 4GB

Jim Moore james at the-computer-shop.co.uk
Thu Feb 14 23:12:59 GMT 2008

Just a quick line in here before I tootle off to bed... does anybody 
know /anywhere/ in the UK I can get my hands on one on next-day or even 
48-hour delivery? I've checked obvious sources (Amazon, DSG, and many, 
many local places included), but all any of them have (if any) are the 
2GB models. Now, the 2GB model is a nice machine but it lacks some of 
the hardware features of the 4GB I consider essential for my planned 
hardware hacking (2GB DDR2, bluetooth and wideband cell modem for 
starters, going to internally mounted 8GB flash and extra SD card slot 
and other upgrades later on including a mPCI-E SSD when the prices come 
down to something sensible). The 4GB has sold stupidly fast, I had my 
hands on one a couple weeks ago and had to be surgically parted from it. 
Ideally I'd be after two 4GB units, if anyone can help out (one is sold 
already if I can lay my hands on one). I'd prefer not to have to import 
them from Taiwan (which at the time of writing is my only tentative 
source for 47 units at £240 each including 28-day courier shipping).

Incidentally, for any current Eee PC owners, the higher capacity battery 
is due out within the next couple months from direct order from Asus.


Jim M.

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