[Nottingham] Asus Eee PC 4GB

Darren Fuller darren.fuller at ntlworld.com
Sat Feb 16 07:08:39 GMT 2008

Hi Jim

The only place I've been able to find is EfficientPC who do next day 
delivery through City Link.  Only heard about them because of lug-radio.


Jim Moore wrote:
> Just a quick line in here before I tootle off to bed... does anybody 
> know /anywhere/ in the UK I can get my hands on one on next-day or 
> even 48-hour delivery? I've checked obvious sources (Amazon, DSG, and 
> many, many local places included), but all any of them have (if any) 
> are the 2GB models. Now, the 2GB model is a nice machine but it lacks 
> some of the hardware features of the 4GB I consider essential for my 
> planned hardware hacking (2GB DDR2, bluetooth and wideband cell modem 
> for starters, going to internally mounted 8GB flash and extra SD card 
> slot and other upgrades later on including a mPCI-E SSD when the 
> prices come down to something sensible). The 4GB has sold stupidly 
> fast, I had my hands on one a couple weeks ago and had to be 
> surgically parted from it. Ideally I'd be after two 4GB units, if 
> anyone can help out (one is sold already if I can lay my hands on 
> one). I'd prefer not to have to import them from Taiwan (which at the 
> time of writing is my only tentative source for 47 units at £240 each 
> including 28-day courier shipping).
> Incidentally, for any current Eee PC owners, the higher capacity 
> battery is due out within the next couple months from direct order 
> from Asus.
> Cheers,
> Jim M.
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