[Nottingham] webhosting problems

gadget.pat gadget.pat at ntlworld.com
Sun Feb 17 13:48:15 GMT 2008

gadget.pat wrote:

> Q1: How would you rate Student Web Hosting as a hosting company?
> Q2: Best solution to a compromised site (brief Nu B answers please)
> Q3: Any suggestions for a different hosting company and the chance that 
> I can get some sort of part refund from my present hosting company?

Hi guys,

Just posting an update to my previous query.

I now have access to my site again.

I managed to get a reply from the hosting company but it took over a 
week numerous ticket requests. No appology or anything and I had to 
point out that the server required, that would allow me to gain access 
to my site, was not available on the list. To the credit of the person 
who was dealing with my issue, it was sorted within a day of my reply 
pointing this out. Was I the only person to have had this problem or had 
no one else needed access to THEIR site control panel? Still, it 
shouldn't have happened.

Anyway, I just wanted thank everyone for their replies and offers. As I 
had already paid for another 12 months for the service (11 months left) 
and no prospect of a refund, I will have to stay till renewal and may 
then ask again about hosting companies and be taking up some offers.


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