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Matthew Walster matthew at walster.org
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I'll try this again, from the email address registered with LUG.org.uk this
time... =)

Matthew Walster

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I was fed up with a hosting company similar to SWH, so I set up a limited
company and run my own web hosting thing as an "almost non-profit" - ie/ it
makes under £100 year!

If it's fairly low traffic, I can do you a plan with me if you'd like - it's
Linux hosted, and it's got 1GB disk and 10GB/mo bandwidth, with all the
features turned on and put up to unlimited (only one domain per account

If you're interested, it's £15/year plus the domain name if necessary, and
it's elementalhosting.com

Sorry for the self-plug =)


Matthew Walster

On 11/02/2008, Kev <linux_nottingham at cynara.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi Pat
> I've used Nethosted (www.nethosted.co.uk/) for years and have been very
> happy.
> I currently have a reseller package from them that I use for customers.
> They
> have a good support area and they have at least one person who knows what
> he
> is doing!
> Have a look at their forums
> www.community.nethosted.co.uk/
> and see the sort of response you get to questions.
> Kev
> (www.cynara.co.uk)
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