[Nottingham] ASUS eee PC

ForkBombFluf fluf at freeshell.org
Tue Jan 8 11:20:05 GMT 2008

On Mon, 7 Jan 2008, Martin wrote:

> ForkBombFluf wrote:
> [---]
>> How's that for incoherent?
> I dread to think what happens when you don your laser attachments that
> Andy got you for Christmas!
> [Cue shrieking washing machine sounds and David Tennant and a blue
> flashing light with faulty chameleon circuits...]

Oh gosh, he's let the cat out of the bag about the attchments again?? Now 
how will I ever reverse the polarity of the neutron flow without that 
pesky Torchwood crew discovering it and subsequently getting all randy 


> I had a surreal conversation with a Windows user whom had been given one
> as a Christmas present. No concept of what Linux was and he found the
> GUI to be "patronizing". He just simply wanted Windows Vista on there! I
> directed him to Google for what others had done with their eees...

I'm tickled that you pointed him in the direction to do what he wanted to 
anyway, even though it went against your own scruples of OS choice.

I do think it's funny that he fobbed it off as "patronizing"; a great lot 
of effort went into it to make it simple enough that most people wouldn't 
see it as being so different from what they are used to (ie. Windows) as 
to find it intimidating.  Now the excuse is it's too easy!  Should have 
dropped it out of X and left him in a shell-- suddenly not so patronizing! 

> Something that weight, slightly larger and capable of displaying 3/4 of
> a web page would be about right.

Totally agree, really needs to be 1024 x Soemthing absolute minimum res to 
deal at all sensibly with web pages.  Just putting a bigger LCD in it to 
fill that "black void" sported around the current one would be a 
significant imporvement, not to mention make it look a little less like 
something that belongs at Toys'R'Us.  On the flip side, trying to surf the 
web with it now is a perfect illustration of how infuriating it is for 
visually imparied users to cope in a growing world of poorly designed 
fixed-width web pages.

> Otherwise, why not just stick to your mobile phone cum web enabled PDA?

*giggle* Now we know what your measuring stick is!

See ya,


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