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Michael Erskine msemtd at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jan 8 12:01:37 GMT 2008

On Tuesday 08 January 2008 10:47:46 Joshua Lock wrote:
> I just found a (1st edition) copy of the (pink!?!) camel book lying
> around at work which I'm going to borrow for a while to work through
> the basics. The problem is it doesn't seem to have anything about cgi
> in it. Does anyone have any pointers on tutorials for perl cgi? Or is
> the idea that by the time I've finished with the camel book I'll be
> competent enough to suss cgi out with perldoc???

The CGI documentation is enough: once you know enough Perl you just start 
using CGI and it quickly becomes clear what you need to do from the main 

Michael Erskine.

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