[Nottingham] [Social] Wed 02/07/2008 Big Wok Food 'n' Beers meet

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Mon Jul 7 13:01:44 BST 2008

ForkBombFluf wrote:
> Oooh, I can guess which half of the table would have wielded its 
> gravimetric influence on us...

Strangely enough, I am slowly working my way through a series of "speed
of gravity" papers as light evening reading. An important aspect is to
be clear on what speed of what aspect of gravity is being discussed.
There's some rather nefarious 'assumptions' that appear to 'work' and
that are taken for granted but that have never been experimentally
tested... There's also quite a confusion of terminology used...

>> Very unusually, the other Michael wasn't wearing his one threadtux 
>> T-shirt for possibly the first time in his existence. (Ooops,
>> slight slip into reverse-chrono-illogical posting there!)
> You sure he didn't just have it on inside out?
> (See Mike?  I'm not the only one :-P )

Nope. He was unrecognisably 'alternative'... He's (temporarily?) gone
'alternative' for a certain 'experience'.

>> Which conjures up:
>> (urls to nifty Rubik's cube videoss snipped)
>> ... Arduino next?!!
> I think the robotic hands manipulating the cubes are the really cool 
> part!  Anyone got a spare robotic hand that would interface nicely
> with the Arduino?  The possibilities which come to mind are...
> welll... never mind!

You can now easily get some rather nifty small and powerful motors and
other actuator stuff. What sort of "hands" are you looking for or hoping
to make? ;-)

>> Next nosh is in one month at the Pretty Orchid.
> Oooh, looks good.  Someplace new and exotic to try.  Must thank
> whoever pre-empted the laborous decision making process.

We're trying to get better on that count!

> We're going to Martin City soon to eat lots of BBQ and steak.  (How's
>  that for irony?)


>> Anyone for/with anything topical?
> I've got some hydrocortisone for the chigger bites.

Oooer... Then again, looks like we're in for some hefty mosquito
squadrons on the rampage after the recent weather we've had over here.
You're not missing much other than 'warm' & 'wet'.

> See ya for the next one, hopefully,

Bon rendezvous...


Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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