[Nottingham] [Social] Wed 02/07/2008 Big Wok Food 'n' Beers meet

ForkBombFluf fluf at freeshell.org
Sat Jul 5 20:00:03 BST 2008

On Thu, 3 Jul 2008, Martin wrote:

> Good Big Wok do as ever. And good varied variedness. There was an
> exclamation at one point as to how half the table were very much still
> on this planet whereas the other half of the table were rampaging
> through various aspects of astrophysics and well on their way out of the
> known universe...

Oooh, I can guess which half of the table would have wielded its 
gravimetric influence on us...

> Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams and D&D-ing were mentioned also, on one
> occasion with scary telepathic-like prescient coincidence...

/me cues Twilight Zone music

> We also made a good attack on the chocolate on Stefne's behalf :-p

Yay! :-)

> Very unusually, the other Michael wasn't wearing his one threadtux
> T-shirt for possibly the first time in his existence. (Ooops, slight
> slip into reverse-chrono-illogical posting there!)

You sure he didn't just have it on inside out?

(See Mike?  I'm not the only one :-P )

> (Back to bottom posting...)
> Oh... And one of the Michaels (not the top posting "other" one) now
> sports a most excellent beard and 'tash.

Always good for speeding your travels through security at airports I 

> He also gave a mini-demonstration of Rubik Cube solving. Good show :-)

Cool, sorry I missed that.

> Which conjures up:
> (urls to nifty Rubik's cube videoss snipped)
> ... Arduino next?!!

I think the robotic hands manipulating the cubes are the really cool 
part!  Anyone got a spare robotic hand that would interface nicely with 
the Arduino?  The possibilities which come to mind are... welll...
never mind!

> Next nosh is in one month at the Pretty Orchid.

Oooh, looks good.  Someplace new and exotic to try.  Must thank whoever 
pre-empted the laborous decision making process.

We're going to Martin City soon to eat lots of BBQ and steak.  (How's that 
for irony?)

>  Anyone for/with anything topical?

I've got some hydrocortisone for the chigger bites.


See ya for the next one, hopefully,


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