[Nottingham] My fedora 9 experience (vent/rant included)

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Sun Jul 13 23:02:11 BST 2008

I ran into some of these when I did my personal Linux migration, I tested a
lot of the main distros and my main conclusions were.

* RHEL : too server focused

* Suse : not tested due to thier politics.

* Fedora :  latest version of everything with very little fine tuning

* Ubuntu : great distro with lots of polish, but having to mess with sudo
pissed me off, too used to using root terminal in solaris/hp-ux etc :p

* Debian : lots of polish, very stable. a policy of ensuring stability and
not doing breaking changes with patches/updates. does the job and leaves you
alone to configure things the way you want  to, only draw back is you have
to wait 18 months for new gnome/kernel w/e.

I pretty much ruled out other distro's due to them not having a lot of
package support, or being a little too hardcore for me, as a solaris admin
looking to move to Linux, debian felt right, if fedora is causing you grief
I would suggest firing up a few live cd's. and maybe try a few distros out
on a vmware player package. you would probably get more joy from something
from the debian family, however I hear that open Suse and mandriva are very
polished distros these days.

Overall I agree with the consensus that changing your distro can have a
massive effect on your experience with linux, considering dumping linux over
a bad experience with fedora is rather extreme response there. try a distro
with more polish to it ;-)

2008/7/12 Michael Erskine <msemtd at googlemail.com>:

> Wow, bad luck fella - I dropped Redhat when they broke RPM circa RH6.2
> or something. Debian has been delivering goodness since then.
> Sorry, I'll get my coat :)
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take it easy

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