[Nottingham] Free Local LPI Training Course

Chris Hayes cbhworld at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 10:29:51 BST 2008


Would anybody here be interested in some free LPI (Linux Professional
Institute) training? The company I work for is about to begin offering
training services and we're looking for 4-6 people from local LUGs who
would like to be part of our first batch of students to test this
course. The training will put you in good stead for passing the two
exams required for LPI level 1 certification and all training
materials are provided on the course.

The exams themselves are not provided, although students who would
like to take these can arrange this through us at the end. I would
recommend this training to those interested in learning about Linux
even if you are not actually planning on taking the exams. If you are,
even better though. Also, we're looking for people of varied skill
levels, so don't feel like you must be some kind of leet sysadmin to
sign up for this.

As for the details, the training should commence from some point in
September, the course will last 5 days and will be presented at our
offices, which are located in Newark - Beacon Hill Office Park to be
more precise - and will be taught by one of our most senior
technicians, who had previously worked as a teacher. There are lunch
facilities very close to our building and most importantly,
tea/coffee/biscuits will be provided.

If people are interested in signing up for the chance to do this, or
if any of you guys have further questions about it, please email me at
chris.hayes at forlinux.co.uk

Out of all the applicants, 4-6 students will be picked randomly, and
I'll ensure that these people are kept up to date with when exactly
the training will begin and any other necessary information. All who
sign up will be notified of whether or not they where chosen to go

Incidentally, I am mailing this to here, Lincoln, Mansfield and Newark
LUGs - so if do you happen to be subscribed to several of these - I
humbly apologise for spamming you!

Chris Hayes

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