[Nottingham] [Social] Wed 01/10/2008 Sinatra food 'n'

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Thu Oct 9 08:58:48 UTC 2008


> Hello
> Looks like we're finally going to have a tiny linux community on campus
> (Nottingham Uni). Hopefully we can make the visit to the next talk our
> first group event. Can't wait for the event details!

Welcome to the group, and also a very good welcome to have a Uni group
involved oncemore.

> By the way, I've got a little hardware problem. Would it be OK to post
> here and ask for some advice? I think it's a simple minor issue and my
> laptop just needs a look from someone a bit more experienced than me.

The list is very much a help forum aswel as for general discussions.
Please be welcome. You're also welcome to bring such as a laptop or
whatever along to a Navigation meet. I'm sure you'll get various help.

The only maillist 'policy' as such is no abuse and no overt
commercialism or otherwise anything that is even vaguely 'spam-like'.
I'm sure there are more than enough other outlets for that!

We're very much an 'opensource' group so the list is whatever people
want to make of it.

(One or two others and myself just happen to sort of organize things!)

All are welcome to offer talks and comments. We usually have a nominal
8pm - 9pm for the 'talkie' bit. What can work well is a series of 30
minutes 'mini-talks' to briefly cover ideas or whatever.

Look forward to meeting you next week.


Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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