[Nottingham] Boot stuck

Jim Moore jmthelostpacket at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 20 21:05:58 UTC 2008

Michael Leuty wrote:
> Please may I ask some advice from the esteemed members of this list?
> </flattery>
> My box has two hard drives. There is a dual booting system with WinXP
> on /dev/sda1 and Fedora on /dev/sdb2.
> My limited understanding is that it boots from the MBR on the first
> disk which directs it to GRUB on /dev/sdb2.
> Now sadly booting fails, with the following message:
> Could not find kernel image: linux
> boot:
> I know the two drives are still working because I can access them by
> booting from a live CD.
> What has gone wrong, and can I fix it with the Fedora rescue disk?
> Mike

check the boot path for the kernel image...?

sorry for pointing out the obvious ;)


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