[Nottingham] Partition resizing

Danny King dannyking at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 07:05:33 UTC 2009


I have run out of space on my root partition and have decided to
attempt to resize it. I have a ~8 gig / partition and a ~50gig ntfs
partition (and another ntfs partition with Windows on). I wonder,
would the following work?

1. Back up all the data on / into a .tar.gz (should I do this in a
different way?) and place it onto an external hard drive
2. Do the same for the NTFS partition (there's only a gig of stuff on there)
3. Boot a liveCD and delete both partitions, then add a 15 gig /
partition and a 43 gig ntfs one.
4. Copy the original data from the external hard drive onto the two
new partitions
5. Profit?

Is there a better way?


- Danny King

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