[Nottingham] Getting PHP files to work under Apache2

Roger Light roger at atchoo.org
Sun Mar 8 18:05:07 UTC 2009

Hi Hazel,

> I'm having trouble getting php files to work on my Apache2 webserver. I run 
> Suse Linux 11.1, and I have installed Apache2, PHP5, Apache2modPHP5, and 
> Mysql.


> Does anyone know how to fix this?

If you install yast2-http-server, then there will be an "HTTP
Server" entry under "Network Services" in yast. If you run that,
there is an option for enabling php.

If you've already done configuration of your own manually, you may
not want to do that. In that case, take a look at
/etc/sysconfig/apache2. The line that starts "APACHE_MODULES=" lists
the modules that apache will load - "php5" needs to be in there. You
should also have /etc/apache2/conf.d/php5.conf which contains the
AddHandler bits people have mentioned. Everything in conf.d should
get loaded by apache automatically.

My bet is that the php5 entry is missing from the modules list - add
it and restart apache. If not, you'll have to let us know... :)



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