[Nottingham] 123-reg support

godfrey godfrey at gnnix.co.uk
Wed Mar 11 22:43:18 UTC 2009

Yeah, ok a typo. (Sbil, as in Fawlty, ho ho! Sbil = Sybil, geddit?)

I have tried all common locations for sendmail without success. And now the 
support 'droid sends me another copy of the FAQ where is says that sendmail 
is located in /usr/sbin !! Honestly, they do not seem to read their own 
documentation, or perhaps they are just never reading my questions.

So, as they do not support PHP either, I am looking for a new home for some 
sites. I do not ask for anything fancy, just storage space and a scripting 
language with the ability to send me anything from a 'contact me' form. And 
of course mail handling with a couple of mailboxes (or email forwarding).

Any suggestions?

On Tuesday 10 March 2009 9:13 pm, David Aldred wrote:
> On Tuesday 10 Mar 2009, godfrey wrote:
> > According to a FAQ, sendmail is available in /usr/sbil/sendmail. Only
> > problem is, it is not there, as can be proved by a simple "if exists"
> > test
> Is that a typo, or have you been looking in /usr/sbil?  I suspect it's more
> likely to be /usr/sbin
> (We can all do typos.  That nearly got sent as 'looming in').
> The other thing which comes to my mind is what scripting is available.  PHP
> has a mail() function, and if php.ini is configured by the ISP for whatever
> they have set up, then the location of sendmail becomes irrelevant as far
> as providing a response form instead of a mailto is concerned.

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