[Nottingham] Update to Mandriva 2010 (minor problems fun)

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Mon Nov 9 15:03:57 UTC 2009


Just to get this sniffable by Google...

Just upgraded from Mandriva2009.0 -> Mandriva2010 and...

*Wow* ! It worked!! All despite a very 'custom' partitioning scheme that
includes md-raid and LVM2 and some other custom bits.

Rather a nice update and certainly noticeably faster at bootup and for
starting a KDE session.

Some bits from the "community contrib" repositories couldn't be updated,
but hey, that has just got to be expected. No prob there.

The "gotchas" were:

There were a very large number of orphan packages that then caused /usr
to become full. The upgrade gave up on that remarkably gracefully and
told me what hadn't been installed. I then cleared out the old stuff
(orphans) with:

urpme --auto-orphans

A real puzzler was that networking and the internet were fine yet
Firefox and Thunderbird failed to resolve any domain names, despite
everything else using DNS fine. I installed the Midori and Konqueror web
browsers as a test and they worked fine (Midori looks good also). So why
no Firefox?...

Also, Mutt worked fine for my email. So...?

I disabled IPV6 just in case that was a problem, and no difference.

Checked that DNS was definitely working!... Yes. ...

The problem was that I have a large /etc/hosts file... After the
upgrade, any comments in there had been concatenated into ridiculously
long single lines... Copying my original /etc/hosts file back across
from the *backup that I had done just before* the upgrade fixed that.

Firefox and Thunderbird then magically worked fine.


Have fun!


Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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