[Nottingham] Update to Mandriva 2010 (minor problems fun)

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Thu Nov 12 11:22:55 UTC 2009


Next minor tweak but an obscure one!

> Just upgraded from Mandriva2009.0 -> Mandriva2010 and...
> *Wow* ! It worked!! All despite a very 'custom' partitioning scheme that
> includes md-raid and LVM2 and some other custom bits.
> Firefox and Thunderbird then magically worked fine.

Except that after playing with compiz-fusion, and having a giggle at all
the eye-candy effects, and then very quickly getting bored with all
that, somewhere along all the various tweakings didst Firefox and
Thunderbird corrupt their scroll bars!

The fix for that is lost in the "Configure your desktop". In "Look &
Feel" -> Appearance -> GTK Styles and Fonts, there's a "Firefox and
Thunderbird - Install scrollbar fix..."!!

Also in that section for GTK Styles, it 'appears' that the "Use my KDE
style in GTK applications" doesn't always do a nice conversion. You can
get prettier results by directly choosing a GTK style.

> http://www2.mandriva.com/linux/overview/

Still rather good.

The compositing effects are pretty good and very pretty but also seemed
to gobble up a surprising amount of CPU time doing all the flashiness.
The system was very responsive even when the CPU was sometimes busy. The
/only/ effect that I appreciated was the transparency effects. Can you
have transparency without the compiz-fusion loading?

And choice is good if you have time to choose. Perhaps this is where no
more than just say three preset themes that set up everything is a good
option for the plug'n'play people...


Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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