[Nottingham] Trouble compiling kernel on suse

Graham Dicker graham.dicker at antecor.com
Wed Aug 11 21:28:10 UTC 2010

Gentlemen, thank you for your assistance, I have now compiled, installed and 
booted from my own kernel. I bought a spare disk to do it with and found the 
steps to be fairly simple  (although puzzlingly different in detail from 
anything I found on the web). For me anyway the steps were:-

Installed O/S taking defaults for everything except time zone and keyboard.
Installed ncurses library, gcc, linux-source and linux-kernel-headers.
Went to /usr/src/linux and ran:-
make menuconfig (and changed kernel name to something unique)
make all (and then waited two hours for it to build everything)
make modules_install
make install

I ended up with a kernel in /boot called vmlinuz-

I then changed to the /boot directory and ran

mkinitrd -k vmlinuz- -i initrd-

then ran Yast and added the new kernel to /boot/menu.lst

Rebooted and tried new kernel - and all was OK!

I will now do this on my live system tomorrow



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