[Nottingham] Help with Ubuntu 10.10 - Graphical interface crash (I think!)

Steve Caddy steve.m.caddy at ntlworld.com
Mon Dec 6 13:44:10 UTC 2010

On 06/12/10 13:34, Barry Allen wrote:

> I am a Linux novice and I recently upgraded from Ubuntu 10.4 to 10.10. The
> reason was due to 10.4 refusing me to upgrade an increasing number of
> programs due to authorisation failures. I upgraded to Ubuntu 10.10 without
> any problems and used it quite happily for a week but then I started the PC
> as normal and since then Ubuntu 10.10 only boots to the command line.

Ah. I posted this to the Newark LUG a few weeks ago:

> Don't install/upgrade to Ubuntu 10.10 without first reading ALL the release
> notes. I didn't, and missed a nice note that "The new Xorg 1.9 available in
> Maverick is not compatible with nVidia based chipsets that use the (nvidia-96)
> and (nvidia-173) drivers."

I'd guess that you, like me, have one of these. Took me a while to get a work
around. You'll find it'll boot graphically in rescue mode, and what you need
to do is upgrade your graphics driver. If you have a 96 based chipset, you're
stuffed - you'll need to roll back X to an earlier version. If you've for a
173 based chipset, version 173.14.28 works for me.


I hope that helps. Otherwise, you'll have to trawl through the Ubuntu forums.



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