[Nottingham] FS: Eee PC 901 Modded with touchscreen

Camilo Mesias camilo at mesias.co.uk
Tue Dec 7 13:32:05 UTC 2010


subjectively the battery life is good, better than my full size
laptop. Having said that I often use it tethered so wouldn't notice.
When I got it I used it for hours on end. The IONs seem to run quite
hot with Nouveau or the Nvidia driver, and I think there may be more
efficient power management with the Nvidia driver. From the spec the
Samsung looks almost identical (well the HP has a slot for a SIM card
and cell modem but I don't know if these are available) so I expect
the power usage to be the same.

If you are getting the 311c watch out for the different variants, I
think some have a slightly slower processor (not significantly though)
and different memory upgrade options.

Ebuyer have a good price on the Eee 1201 right now, it looks good...


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