[Nottingham] Barry's poorly PC

Barry Allen barry_a_14 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Dec 9 14:51:43 UTC 2010

Hi Guys,

Made sure my PC was sparkly clean (fluff free zone). PC is 2 years old and Ubuntu 8.04 and 10.4 used to fly on it (quick for me anyway).

Took my PC to a chap I know who has some backup/diagnostic tools. On first glance he thinks it's a HDD problem as even though he could now get into my photos area when he removed the HDD and hooked it up to another PC, there were some photos on the HDD (about half) that he couldn't back up. Software claimed they were broken. He's going to hold on to my PC / HDD for a day or two to see what else he can do.

Thanks again for all the help so far and sorry for monopolising the mailings. I'll scribble down all the good suggestions you guys have kindly offered and have a go when I get my box back. Still unsure why it wouldn't boot from live CD if its just a HDD problem and the CD only uses RAM to run. Hope its only one fixable problem and not the Motherboard (Abit). I'll keep you informed of my progress.


Barry  :-)

P.S. Sorry for not addressing the subject line properly. Hope this one is more informative/suitable.


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