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Hi - I tried netbutin and had some success with it, but the big advantage of Live Linux is that it creates persistence on the key letting you keep your files until you decide what you want to do with them; additionally, you can choose from a wide range of distros from the site's mirrors or use any distro's .iso file to create the key; it is supposed to work from a CD too but I couldn't get that to work for some reason. 

A key like this might also be useful for banking or visiting less than reputable sites - not that I know any, of course!

Sorry about the unnecessary shorthand - MM is Micro Mart, a weekly mag on all sorts of computing and cheap bits!


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It's so good to be able to use a USB flash drive.
They're faster and quieter than CDs, not to mention they pay for themselves in about a week if you distro-hop like I do!
I've used unetbootin in the past; which is good because it can download from a large list of distros, soyou can just press go and walk away. Also its cross-platform..

It doesn't have quite as good an interface as this one though, so may not be as good for new users?
What is MM? Is it a magazine?

2010/1/21 Bob Marshall <mbob71 at yahoo.com>

Hello everyone.  MM has recently run an article on using Live Linux to install a complete working distro on a USB key.  I know this is no big trick for those with a feel for Linux, but I have found it works perfectly and can thoroughly recommend it.

I used a 4GB key and my wife's Windows box - Live Linux is a Windows program! - to install Mint Gloria; since I did this, I have upgraded to Firefox 3.5.7 using Ubuntuzilla, removed Open Office and replaced it with AbiWord and removed GIMP altogether.

It boots from the key in a reasonably up-to-date box and will run in Windows under its own built-in VirtualBox on Winboxes.  

Well done to the people who made it; I hope this might be of some value to our friends in NLUG.  The Live Linux site is: http://www.linuxliveusb.com/

Happy New Year if it's not too late to say so, and I look forward to seeing you again when the weather and my old bones make it viable to trudge along to the Nav!

Bob M.


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