[Nottingham] FreeNas Setup

Steve Hawkins h84ll1 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 09:38:55 UTC 2010

Hi guys, wonder if any of you have had experience with FreeNas?

I'm just starting to get it setup, here's what I've done;

Burnt ISO image from SourceForge onto a CD.
Configured BIOS correctly to boot from CD
I want to install the OS on a 2Gb USB flash drive.
FreeNAS booted correctly (version 0.7.1)
I set up the networking fine and pinged the router to make sure.
I went to install embedded on the USB flash drive, selecting the CD-drive to
install from and the USB drive to install to.

Here's where it goes wrong, I receive the following messages on the console:
Mount CDROM.
Installing system image on devive da0.

gzip: stdout: Broken pipe
Error: failed to dd image on ‘/dev/da0′!
Unmount CDROM.
There was a problem while copying files.

Press ENTER to Continue.

Really not sure what to do now, do you think the ISO image may be corrupted
on download from SourceForge? Any other clues why this install broke? I
managed to do it on another machine just to test it out so i'm not sure why
it's now failing on this machine.

Really appreciate some help, thanks in advance!
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