[Nottingham] rtl8191se wireless issues

gadgetpat gadget.pat at ntlworld.com
Thu Jun 23 02:33:42 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I am now admitting partial defeat.  I have spent the last few weeks 
trying to get connected via wireless on my new laptop.  I have read, 
followed, guessed, you name it i must have done it at some point, to try 
and sort it out.

At this moment, the only thing I can't seem to do is connect.  The card 
is found, it sees the wireless networks in imediate area etc but just 
wont connect even to an open network.  What am I missing or doing 
wrong?  Details below about the laptop and card but not one to give in 
easily, I think nearly 3 weeks is long enough in anyones book so I am 
asking for help.  I am still learning so please bare with me.  Network 
manager isn't working at all so can't use that (will have to sort that 
out at another point).


The card works ok in windows(7).
- It only registers ok in wireless assistant (v 0.5.7) but not in any 
other wireless programs installed.
- It dosn't even connect to open networks.

laptop = zoostorm w251hu
OS = fedora15
wireless card = rtl8191sevb (rev 10)

Thanks in advance.

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