[Nottingham] Backups: How do you do yours?

MattT matthewbpt at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 12:41:30 UTC 2011

I have a simple rsync script which backs up all my important files to a
remote server (my home folder on the linux server at my university in this
case) :

date >> /path/to/backuplog
rsync -avz /directory/to/backup -e ssh user at remote-server:/target/path >>

This is run as a cronjob every hour, and any time I want I can see what
files were sent at what time by looking at the backup log. I also have those
important files synced on the cloud using the Ubuntu One service (this is a
bit unreliable at the moment though) . I haven't had any problems with this
setup, although I have no experience with the large scale backup you're
working with. Good luck!

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