[Nottingham] Advice on best tablet sub £150

gadgetpat gadget.pat at ntlworld.com
Tue Mar 22 18:22:11 UTC 2011

Hi guys!

I've left it a bit late but any advice welcome from the collective to 
solve my problem.

I am trying to get hold of a tablet with all the bells and whistles for 
under £150.  I bought one from the last PC show at Harvey Hadden and it 
is faulty.  The problem is that I will be away for the next show for the 
refund I will be requesting but i need to get hold of one if possible 
before Friday.  I have spent quite a few hours trying to get hold of 
another one and then found that all tablets are NOT the same even when 
they look it.

Anyway, requirements are (in no particular order) android, web cam, 
skype via wifi conection, fast(ish or est) processor, wifi, gps for the 
google maps, web browsing, email and the g-force thingy that allows it 
to play / use the apps that support it. What brand or spec do you advise 
I should go for?

Have found a couple of sites that do all or most of the items but 
delivery (from china etc) won't reach me BEFORE i go away on holiday. 
Am i asking for the world, being unrealistic or is there a UK site or 
local shop that can solve my prob within time and budget? This will be 
my first experience of android and it looked great on the WORKING tablet 
at the show...  I thought I would try the group before gave up. Would 
consider a used one in good condition if it can do the requirements.

Thanks in advance,

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