[Nottingham] Advice on best tablet sub £150

e-mail gadget.pat gadget.pat at ntlworld.com
Wed Mar 23 14:47:36 UTC 2011

Thanks for the replies from both Martin and Richard.  I will take a
closer look this afternoon at the websites mentioned.

To answer the questions asked, I just wanted to be able to keep in
contact with family via skype (hence the camera and wifi) and be able
to deal with issues  back home via email if required.  I wanted the
tablet / MID option due to weight and space for the flight. My laptop
would have been the only hand luggage I could have brought on the
plane.  I also just needed a cheap option that did it's best and if
got broken, was not a huge amount to lose, as it will be having a
rough time / journey while away.

I am also going to quickly try the netbook route with UNR 10.10 on an
acer one A110.  Not sure if it can take it as yet but will be trying
the install later tonight.  It has been upgraded with xtra mem but the
cpu might not be the best option but it is all I have available to
hand at the mo.

Will give a quick update on the result and decisions made etc, soon.

An aside, has anyone else had problems sending email in the last few
days with the Virgin service?  I have had to log on through the web
interface to send a reply as Thunderbird says there is a problem.  I
don't have time to sort it now, but it is annoying.

Thanks again,

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