[Nottingham] Linux number of forwarded net connections limit

Sergiusz Pawlowicz sergiusz at pawlowicz.name
Wed Oct 12 16:17:06 UTC 2011

On Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 15:10, Martin <martin at ml1.co.uk> wrote:
>> iptables can be do this sort of thing (man iptables, search for
>> connbytes,connlimit,connmark,conntrack etc).
> Thanks for that. Looks to be exactly the trick.
>> I suggest you start by logging first,
>> eg: iptables -A FORWARD -s <the bad guy> -p tcp --syn --dport 23 -m
>> connlimit --connlimit-above 2 -j LOG ...

the trick is you cannot use telnet any more - i am not sure it is what
you want :) because you must limit yourself, there is no <the bad

> And... The dd-wrt distro looks very good.
> However, for the sake a laziness (and rather, lack of time), anyone
> any experience of how well the non-linux-flashed wrt54 works for QoS
> and NAT?

the whole mail exchange took 10 times more time then uploading an
image, but you can buy wrt54 with dd-wrt on board on ebay for the same


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