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On 04/04/12 10:19, Jason Irwin wrote:
> Note: If you wish to take part in key-signing, please bring primary,
> government issued photographic ID (e.g. driving license, passport, ID card).
> Cryptically Yours Sincerely � Digital Signing
> http://nlug.ml1.co.uk/event/cryptically-yours-sincerely-digital-signing
> How can you indelibly sign an email?
> How can someone know you are really �you� for whatever name you might be
> known as?
> And what is �Key Signing� anyway?
> Anyone noticed the GPG in the room?�
> And why should anyone bother? (Especially so with the old-tech bits of
> paper and photographs trick�)
> If you are an experienced user of such systems (e.g. Enigmail) then
> please come along if you can to help the rest of us.
> All is to be decrypted for your fun enlightenment and entertainment, all
> at our usual real-world venue:
> Fellows Morton and Clayton
> (http://www.fellowsmortonandclayton.co.uk/index.asp)
> 54 Canal Street
> Nottingham, NG1 7EH
> Telephone: 0115 9506795
> Food is also served up until 2000.
> Normally we�re up the back, but we may be sat in the (warm) lower bar
> area. Just look for the freaks with the Linux mags and gadgets
> Wednesday 04/04/2012:
>     1930: Meet
>     2000+?: Talks/Questions
> All welcome!
> Martin-by-Proxy (Jason)
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Hello Jason,

With the UK Government announcing that they plan to snoop on all our emails it's only fair
that we encrypt. We are all under the social pressure to conform in what we are allowed to
think and what we are allowed to say. The greatest form of tyranny is not the Stalin's of
this world - it is collective self-censorship.

Am sorry  to have missed your key-signing party - having just got out of hospital - so I
hope you have another one (with a beer) soon


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