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Thu Apr 5 10:26:18 UTC 2012

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On 05/04/12 09:28, Jason Irwin wrote:
> Confirmed: Because Sky Anytime could not be made to work with GNU/Liunx
> (something about DRM) they have blocked all Linuxes (Linuxii?) from the
> player site (and that includes Android).
> My mind boggles...why block when they could have just put a note in the
> FAQ that Sky Anytime doesn't work?
> Irony 1:  Virgin Media is an Ubuntu mirror
> Irony 2:  Virgin Media sells Android devices (which they then block)
> Irony 3:  Virgin Media's own set top box is Liunx-based (BusyBox)
> And it was the same excuse as Parcel Farce (I paraphrase) "We couldn't
> guarantee that it would work, so we blocked".  FFS.  Really?
> I can fake my user agent easily enough, but the authentication/player
> set-up chokes later.  Maybe once I have this printer stuff nailed I look
> into by-passing the block more efficiently with a Greasemonkey script or
> something.  Not been having much joy under WINE.
> To say I am pissed with them just now is an understatement.  I would
> consider leaving, but due to the deal I get it still works out better to
> stay with VM.

Ha! Ha! What more can I say -so funny!!!!

I could not sustain a wireless connection with VM - so I sent an email to their CEO telling
him what a "fucking crap service they provided" They phoned me up I just told them to fuck
off. They then gave me free tv - which I hardly watched when I told them I was going to
leave them - they said "Oh we have to charge you £75 for the pleasure - I said "fuck off"
and just cancelled my direct debit.

VM sucks for sure. I think that all they do is tell lies. Nothing is true. As an example of
their wondrous service - when I had my phone installed and wireless internet set up - when
the engineer had left - I got a delegation - 12 of  my neighbours had lost their television
phone and internet - all because the engineer had piggy backed me on. It took a week to
restore their connection - and me? I was disconnected for 6 weeks - till another engineer
came round and sorted it out - I only had 256k or considerably less bandwidth 26k and even
less - so much so that I had to plug in an Ethernet cable as there was insufficient
bandwidth to run a wireless connection.

I'd sooner use a pigeon that use Virgin Media!!!!


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