[Nottingham] Nottingham Digest, Vol 438, Issue 5

Jason Irwin jasonirwin73 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 7 15:47:56 UTC 2012

On 07/04/12 15:17, Hazel Windle wrote:
> Hi everyone.
Hello and welcome.

> Have been using Linux since 2003
Ah - expert then.  I've only been using it for a couple of years.  I
find if you memorise the jargon and look earnest, people believe you
know what you are doing. :)

As to Backtrack (Debian based these days, if not even Ubuntu), one of
the recent Linux Format issues was "How to hack" and the magazine came
with a copy of "Damn Vulnerable Linux" (I think) and some other stuff
that is deliberately vulnerable to exploits so people can learn.

As luck would have it, I threw this very issue in the bin the other
week!  But someone on the list may still have a copy.

It's best to run this kind of stuff either on a physically separate
network or under virtualisation using a virtual network (not NAT,
bridged or host).  That way any, err, targeting errors don't nuke the
family photos.

Virtualisation is freely available using Virtual Box (download from
their site for the latest and greatest), although if you are not on
broadband you might find the downloads take a while.  Should be a way
around that I would have thought; would one of your neighbours allow you
to leach for a little bit?

Hope to see you at one of the meets - you just missed a cracker on
signing and encryption; which reminds me, I am late with that summary
email I offered to send!



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