[Nottingham] Lightweight GNU Linux Suggestions

Rory Holland modestforagenius at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 11:12:04 UTC 2012

Lubuntu will exceed your expectations

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On Apr 10, 2012 12:11 PM, "Richard Smedley" <smedley358 at btinternet.com>

> On 07/04/12 19:01, Kurtis Brown wrote:
>> After certain annoying circumstances, some crack addict robbing my house,
>> I
>> am having to use a old Celeron laptop with 512mb ram. I have tried Damn
>> Small Linux (too slow) Crunch Bang (just didn't like it).
>> What would be other peoples choice of lightweight distros? I am used to
>> having Mint 10 as my usual operating system.
> For the first three months of this year I was reliant on
> an old Pentium IV with 512MB RAM. It's been running alpha
> versions of Ubuntu 12.04, with the XMonad desktop - as long
> as I didn't have too many browser tabs open, and avoided most
> use of Flash it was fine.
> (I upped it to 2GB last week, now it's flying ;)
> It will run a GNOME desktop if you need it, but XMonad
> really is the best window manager out there :-)
>  - Richard
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