[Nottingham] * LAST NIGHT * 18th Wed, May arrives early * LAST NIGHT *

Jason Irwin jasonirwin73 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 08:27:46 UTC 2012

"Honour your hunger" as the Maysum strapline goes and indeed we did,
well I did at least.  To the point that the next beer would not fit in.
 Guess that's what I get for not eating all day.

T-Shirts were once again discussed.  So if you know of any good t-shirt
companies/shops that do reasonable print (or even embroidery) then
please message the list.  I know of one place which does high-quality
work, but it is not cheap (you get what you pay for I guess).  I don't
know if there is an "official" t-shirt design yet, so it might be
worthwhile for the more artistic amongst you to propose some ideas.

Secure emailing (including secure/encrypted addressing) was another
topic that was punted about.  Depending on your level of
tin-foil-hatness, it's either an interesting technical challenge or a
vital necessity to prevent the Orwellian state from spying into your

I may have foamed at the mouth slightly over Windows Updates.

The next meal is pencilled in for Iberico (Spanish Tapas) and the next
talk is in a fortnight (topic and speaker TBD - got something to say...?).

In other news:
You have until the 1st May to respond to the Cabinet Office consultation
on Open Standards and I strongly suggest you do.  I know there's a lot
to read and many questions to answer, but there does not look to have
been much of a response so anything you do say should carry some weight
(before the print-outs get dropped in the cylindrical filing cabinet).



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