[Nottingham] Silently BLACKLISTED!

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Fri Apr 20 12:34:36 UTC 2012


Hopefully... I'm baaaaaaack...

So... Anyone know how to persuade VirginMedia and/or Google (whom
VirginMedia use for email services) to un-blacklist a certain three
unmentionable characters?

Those unmentionables just happen to be my normal 3 letter .co.uk domain
name. Were they to appear anywhere with the .co.uk in the body or sig or
cc of an email, VirginMedia and/or Google appear to silently drop the
mail. Anti-spam collateral damage?...

Or are my NLUG posts /that/ controversial?

That does go to show that all our emails are automatically read for us...

So how to persuade VirginMedia and/or Google otherwise?

(NB: From my own experience, I recommend noone bothering to waste their
time with the VirginMedia 'helpline'. I found them to be of zero help.)



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