[Nottingham] Opinions on Zinio?

Dan Caseley dan at caseley.me.uk
Mon Apr 23 13:56:01 UTC 2012

Sorry for dragging up an old thread but...

I've had my reply from Future Publishing - there's no access to the PDFs.
It even says so here:

I mailed Zinio about the same issue, and they were very kind and gave me a
free issue as a taster. It's very readable, and not at all as flashy as I'd
expected - it's mostly just page hyperlinks from the contents
page. Hyperlinks for URLs are active too, but irritatingly open in a
browser wrapper in-app rather than firing out to the system default,
robbing you of any browser tools.

Am I mad to want an assurance that I'll always be able to read my digital
copy of the magazine forever, even though I'm currently recycling my paper

On 5 March 2012 14:23, Jason Irwin <jasonirwin73 at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 05/03/12 14:03, Dan Caseley wrote:
> > I know the subscription comes with access to the PDF back-catalogue, but
> > I'm forever struggling with the guilt of having something printed that
> > I'll only recycle, and getting the cover disks made that I hardly ever
> use.
> > On the flip-side, Zinio is proprietary, they have Adobe AIR based
> > clients for Web, Windows & OSX (and possibly Linux), as well as apps for
> > iOS and Android.
> Are you sure you would not still have access to the PDF back-catalogue?
> Why not ask the mag about it?  This month they said something about a
> trying to find a future replacement for Adobe Arse...err...Air.
> Another option would be to keep the print subscription and donate to
> somewhere local (doctor's surgery, cafe).
> --
> Jason Irwin
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