[Nottingham] Opinions on Zinio?

Jason Irwin jasonirwin73 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 14:30:01 UTC 2012

On 23/04/12 14:55, Dan Caseley wrote:
> Am I mad to want an assurance that I'll always be able to read my
> digital copy of the magazine forever, even though I'm currently
> recycling my paper copies? 
No you are not mad and it is a pertinent question to ask when buying an
eBook reader or similar.  Heck, one should question the games companies
too: If you go bankrupt, how does the public engage in code/key escrow
so they can continue to use their purchases?
It's becoming increasingly important with the continuing DRM infection
that is occurring in all media.  Even a simple fault in a key server
could lock you out of your media until it's resolved and if there is a
more severe hiccup, you better have the receipts to prove that you have
rights to view the content (how the heck they ever plan to manage such
problems escapes me).

Do you think Future would elaborate on /why/ you can't have PDF access
with a digital sub?  Might be worth questioning them a bit more.  Not
sure what the LxF staff think about it.

Other options of increasing legal dubiousness:
1) Cancel yer sub and go with another magazine that provides the service
you want (telling Future why);
2) Continue as now, giving the magazines away to a local
school/doctors/library/community centre;
3) Take out the digital sub, and get a full-subber to download the PDFs
for you;
4) Port the Zinio media to PDF yourself;
5) Form an army, storm the gates of Future publishing, over throw the
current freedom-hating regime and run the magazines under the People's
Magazine Liberation Front.  DO NOT EVER speak to the Popular Magazine
Liberation Front


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