[Nottingham] gnome-3

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Fri Apr 27 12:58:53 UTC 2012

A good rant and a good example of how computers can gobble up a full
day, and all for no apparent progress!

On 27/04/12 13:30, Camilo Mesias wrote:
> Interesting rant... I wonder what use cases you have, other than
> changing the splash screens. What do you need to do that you can't do
> with Gnome3? I get on OK with it, but admittedly I can do 99% of what
> I want with a terminal and/or web browser.

All this GUI stuff is nice for some applications such as web browsing,
but I too tend to spend most of my computing time on the command line.
Even if I'm not on the command line, often I'm in effect just juggling
text around.

A good GUI can make the text juggling superficially look pretty or
pretty impressive ;-)

> A small amount of searching reveals that you can re-enable the desktop
> (and do lots of other 'tweaks'). This is a new way of working though,
> so the things you have to do are not the same as what you are used to.

And most people are adverse to change or to learning new things.

> In general I can agree that things look like they are being closed off
> and tied down. Things seem less documented than they used to be, or

And most people seem to be bewildered by choice and flexibility.

Perhaps the main desktops shouldn't try to compete against the
proprietary corporate examples?

Or perhaps we need a toggle switch to select between (a) open source
bewildering choice and flexibility or (b) the corporate look-alike
plastic lock-down look.

But then... Are there not desktops and whole distros that are being put
together to replicate/emulate the corporate look and ways for the
unknowing masses?...

> Still I don't think Gnome3 is a disaster, it's different, certainly
> unappreciated by many. I find it OK. At work I used XFCE and that's OK
> too.

I think its good to explore and try new ways of doing things.

Its also good to be able to make positive comment.


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